Windy in the Gor

What do you do when there is no wind!

Fly downhills!

Merry Chistmas

Thanks for the good old days. ho ho ho !

Merry Chistmas

Thanks for the good old days. ho ho ho !

Merry Chistmas

Thanks for the good old days. ho ho ho !

How come no one uses this section any more?

Last year I could get a good feel for what was going on at the Squamish spit by reading the discussions here. Where did everyone go?

New website

Ever since Alton and Tony were warned for some controversial comments (some people got offended apparently) on this forum, they stopped using this website and almost everybody in the local windsurfing community followed to use Alton's website http://www.wtfbc.ca/.

It's too bad because I think Elliot the site administrator was a good guy.


Squamish this week looking good

Planing on Tues. and Weds, my first of the season!


Env Canada shows windy and sunny on Monday. Mikey, are you going out?

Freestyle Mike

How has the winter sailing been for you? Made any progress on the flakas at all?

windless winter

No freestyle, very few sessions, no wind, too cold... Hoping for better soon. Did you go to Mexico? If so you're probably ahead of anyone locally.


No fue a Mexico perro el ano proximo. Just waiting for Squamish...or a windy warm weekend. (+10)

White Rock Photos

Nice pictures C36. It was quite a day. Really impressed by the resolution.

White Rock pix (2014 Jan 15)

Click here to view some shots from White Rock, East Beach from Monday (Jan 13) - lucky 13! Enjoy!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :-)

Whitbey Island

A great spot. Chris will have as much info on the Island as you will need. I windsurfed down there for years and generally found it more windy then Centenniel Beach. I think I was in my fourth winter down there before I used anything larger than a 4.7. Ebey Landing is the windiest spot on the Island for southeasterlies, and just slightly north of there is a little beach park (West Beach) near the Naval Air Station which can be great on northwesterlies. This latter spot can be full on wave sailing. I recommend you speak with Chris Klone on sailing the Island as there are many other sailing spots on the Island to consider.

S: thanks

Thanks Steve. Chris has been very generous in sharing info on Whidbey Island. Trouble is Whidbey Island has been a little less than generous with the wind.

EE: Whidbey Island

Elliot: You went down to Whidbey a few times and them seemed to stop. Any reason why? We got a very light session there on Dec 1, but it seems a hard place to hit. You can see a few pictures here.

Hey Dave, I never actually

Hey Dave, I never actually made it down to Whidbey to sail while I was in Vancouver. I know that Igor went down a few times including at least one high wind day. He would be able to give you some more information.

I: Whidbey Island

Igor: I would be interested to hear what your experience with Whidbey was and what you think of it. Thanks. :-)

West Beach

Dave, I went there a few times to get skunked. The place definitely has some potential if all the stars get aligned. The window of opportunity is kind of small to justify the long drive for me.

I: Thanks

Thanks Igor. That is what I am finding - the place has potential, but hard to hit it right.


I think this place totally has the potential to be awesome. It gets swell too. I've only been here to surf and I got skunked. I do think you need to be a local to make it worth the while. Way to far to go to get nothing...


I think this place totally has the potential to be awesome. It gets swell too. I've only been here to surf and I got skunked. I do think you need to be a local to make it worth the while. Way to far to go to get nothing...

Whats the new website?

Hey what is the new site?

wtfbc weather talk for bc

wtfbc weather talk for bc


Now that Alton and Tony are gone the windsurfer is totally dead. I always looked at this site to see what was happening. Now I just go to Wtf for BC for my updates. Too bad


so...where have they gone? Alton, u there buddy??
Yeah, noted the "News" page and see posts from 2008. Kinda funny, kinda sad. The doldrums are to blame....well....that and kiting, LOL

OSR for Acadia ...it's cranking!

I'm sleeping at Spanish banks in camper and was just woken up by the sound of a large tree cracking and landing on the forest floor! Then I realized the wind is cranking from the NW . Get yer arses down here!

Acadia's fixed!!!

Glad to hear Acadia is working again! On my way! :-)

Acadia pix (Nov 19)

A few shots from Acadia on Nov 19 - now that's more like it! Enjoy! :-)

Anyone know how a kite ended

Anyone know how a kite ended up in the trees at white rock last week?I hope no one was attached to it.

Young kiter was trying to

Young kiter was trying to launch it in 20 knot SSE wind. Didn't really have good control of the kite but he did have a bad attitude. Said he wanted to come down one night and cut down the trees.

The trees saved him from the

The trees saved him from the powerlines.

Centennial Sunday

BWD showing something for the morning.

waiting, watching

GFS also supports, but METAR TAF doesn't - I'm watching the actuals now (CNL looks to be ramping up). Please post if you hit the 'go' button. Thanks. :-)

I'm getting ready to go but

I'm getting ready to go but I'm waiting for Centennial to ramp up a bit.

on stand-by

Also waiting & watching for more.

I'm heading to Point Roberts

I'm heading to Point Roberts first to check it out. It looks strong at Tsawwassem now so bring your passport just in case.

Point Roberts rigging 5.2

Point Roberts rigging 5.2 nice swell off the point at light house park

Point Bob report?

Hey Michael is everybody back home safe? How did it go there today? Tswassen was surprisingly fun late morning, but pretty tame in comparison I'm sure.

C: boom info

Chris: Thanks for the boom info.

Used RDM base

The used RDM base I have is 20 cm max.


Thanks Dave 20cm sounds good, can I pick it up next time I see you at the beach.

JM: sure

JohnM: I'll through it in with my stuff and you can take a look at it next time we cross paths.

Acadia dawn patrol

30 kts in the strait - hoping it lasts a few hours for a dawn patrol session!


Wind appears to be hanging out in the straight an not filling into English Bay (once again). At 4 am ferry terminal was NNW 29 g 38 and Jericho was NW4 gusting 6 (although it was hovering close to 20 earlier). Tide (ebbing) and wind (NW) are forecast to be moving in the same direction at dawn on Sat. Only two of the models show daylight wind (BWD, spotter).

Yep - looks like PR is the only chance

Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

White Rock/ Centennial

Double session today. Sailed WR until just before 3. Was feeling frustrated with the wind conditions, although I got some great jumps there today with the wind direction you could really hit the ramps straight on while heading out but the wind was really up and down, so checked the sensor at Boundary Bay. De-rigged in a frenzy, thanks Dave for grabbing my board, and drove to Centennial. Got there at 3:40 and re-rigged in a frenzy again. Went out on the 5.2/ Roberts and a little ways out realized I was way over powered. Stuck it out for 40 minutes of full on sailing. The waves were small on the inside but the wind was way too much outside so I just stayed in closer to shore. Also it was getting dark and I could hardly see with the pelting rain. The waves were small but nice and clean though, well spaced and made for nice gybes on the inside, out bound was nice for jumping as the wind was blowing a little south. A few great moments at WR but BB might have been a better call, actually Point Roberts would have rocked looking at the Tsawwassen wind graph for the day.

Yes I thought centennial

Yes I thought centennial might of been a good call today although whiterock was fun. Thanks for the info.