sobering read

For those new to (or returning to) winter sailing, you might want to read this. For those that have never had the pleasure of meeting Kus in person, he has a heart of gold! Sail safe! :-)

dry suits bad?

I was surprised to hear all the negative comments about dry suits, although they echoed some of my own reservations. Certainly Kus's first hand experiences sound harrowing.

I currently use the surf dry from OR, which I bought with the assumption that it avoids the "michelin man" problem in the case of a severe leak, due to the neoprene overlayer.
(and for "not so cold" conditions I have found that the overlayer fits great on top of my summer 4/3 wetsuit)

I know a lot of us use dry suits in the winter... any further thoughts or experiences?


I find it more difficult to swim after your gear in drysuits, so you may stay close to your gear when falling.
being dry after a sesh a definite plus , that make the ride home much nicer.
drysuits will also be more fragile, unless you have the Ion neoprene drysuit in that case your are fine ( ask Maurice and Jordan they will testify )

enjoy winter

+1 Ion Fuse drysuit

Tried it at The Hatchery this summer in 25° temperature. It was really really really warm and looked really goofy. This winter it'll probably be only really warm, but will look just as goofy.

One important feature is the Ion P_ZIP.

For 2014 a brand new feature is the Ion HERO_METER...

Winter safety

I totally agree with Kus - his comments are equally applicable to kiting AND windsurfing in winter conditions. Two observations: winter storm winds have an intensity you don't experience in the summer, even at the Gorge; and the cold water of November onward quickly saps swimming energy and demands real respect. I strongly recommend wearing a helmet and carrying some safety gear like a tow rope, extreme whistle, emergency light or reflective material, etc. I still prefer to have a life jacket for the floatation, impact protection, etc. and you can always ditch it or clip it to your rig if you have a long swim and don't like the resistance. If you're hurt you'll sure appreciate the floatation! Learn to self-rescue too: when a squall comes in at Boundary Bay nobody can see you if you need help.
Have fun, plan ahead, and stay safe!
ps - just bought a brand new boom for winter safety reasons too.

Maui Sails Carbon?

But probably the Chinook Pro 1 Alloy!...

Tin Can Budget

Could only justify the Pro-1 Alloy on my family budget, but it looked like the most versatile and good overall quality for the money.

Whidbey - Alton/ Michael

What time did you arrive at Whidbey on Monday & how did the wind look? Whidbey iwindsurf showed about 20g24 west at 1pm then then maybe 16g23 WNW at 2pm. I'm curious about how well this sensor reflects on-site reality. thanks!


I had to take a 1 hour conference call in Bellingham so I arrived later at 1:30. Michael arrived at Whidbey much earlier. Michael said it was windy but still not sailable as 20g24 suggested.

Thanks - good to know.

Thanks - good to know.

M: JW Sensor

Mike: To my understanding that sensor is located at the air base (located between two hills which may cause a slight ventura effect) and only reports on an hourly basis (dangerous on a variable day like Monday). Not sure that was the best day to be validating the sensor - the wind seemed to be very localised and varied greatly (more wind just north of us). Padilla Bay and Deception Pass (both north) both had more wind when I drove south. Lake Campbell (just north of Deception Pass) had more wind when I drove past in both directions. Chris could likely give you a better sense of accuracy of the sensor (seriously). :-)

Research Mission - Data Collection

Good point Dave. I'm batting 0 for 1 in my Whidbey attempts. The reward potential seems great but need to cut down on the risk.

M: > success

Mike: I hear you. That was the genisis for the fall reTREAT weekend idea - reduce number of trips and get to spend a block of time there (more time experiencing the place and sail more). Hope one weekend sets up! :-)

ps You can tell from the shape of the trees that it must CRANK there sometimes! :-)


Is the month to go.....

We stayed at the fort casey inn last Fall.


Definitely a unique experience. It made for a fun weekend. It was interesting to check out the big guns at the old fort.

Westerly in Tsawwassen Thursday?

That's another 90km round trip to add to my Skunk-O-Meter.

pix of chasing shadows (Oct 7 & Oct 8)

Thanks for the pics..

Thanks dave.. Just before that I'd nearly lost my gear trying to bring it in on my head. Hard to do walking on uneven rocks and such!

For some reason the wind was better near shore than out further. It was an odd session.

On the way home, the flags were blowing the wrong way.

R: your welcome

Randal: Your welcome for the pix (always appreciate the "thank you's" - it lets me know people are actually looking at them). :-)

Thanks for the link to the Inn - looks like an awesome spot! :-)

'Odd session' indeed - wind was super unstable after you left - shifting from WSW to NW, small isolated puffs (that had punch and made you think it wanted to blow). Not often you hear someone say "wind was better near shore" at Acadia. Flags were east at Cambie when I headed home. ~

Off topic - photos

I didn't get as many days on the water as usual this past summer, although I had some good sessions at Squamish. I was thinking of going to Jericho today, although by the looks of the graph it's probably just as well I didn't - although it's a beautiful day just to be outside. I got back into photography this summer and put some of my shots on a web site. There are no windsurfing or action photos, just flowers and the like, but thought that some photography buffs like Dave (C36) might want to take a look.


DH: you've got talent

Douglas: You have talent! Thanks for sharing! Now get busy and start snapping some windurfing shots! :-)


Doug - time to give up windsurfing and kiting. You found your new calling ... a windsurfing/kiting photographer. Give Jim Hegan some competition.


Thanks for the feedback Dave and Alton. Right now I have a macro lens and a 50 mm lens, which aren't great for windsurfing photos. However, I plan to buy a telephoto lens next spring so then I'll think about taking some action shots.

OSR from Alton at 11:20 am

Play to listen.

What's the Skunk-O-Meter reading?


Skunk-O-Meter = 542 km

Whidbey + Acadia + Tsawwassen and counting

Nicola was going off yesterday

Waves are smaller but it blows getting skunk anywhere else.

There's a small craft warning in Prince Rupert tomorrow

Just saying

Prince Rupert - 3000 km Round Trip

Hmmm ....

Sand heads is ramping up again 16NW

Hope your still wearing your wetsuit

Hmmm ....

Hmmm ....

Here we go again!!

Here we go again!!

osr tsawassen

Guys launching 7 m kites on south side. Pretty nice breeze, planning on 4.7 & 80 litre. Totally flat water. Is there a north side launch?


wind dying

Guys on 7m kites now struggling

OSR from Jerry at 8:56 am

Play to listen.

Thank Jerry. Kiters rock.

Thank Jerry. Kiters rock.

OSR from Alton at 7:38 am

Play to listen.

OSR Acadia

Acadia backed off. Only Tom and Randy caught the early bird special. Dave/C36 is schlogging out but catching some wave rides on 5.3/110L. Going to wait to see if it comes back.

EC upgrading wind?

Just wondering if anyone else has seen a better forecast for today? EC is calling for NW 25-35 through the day.

Still watching for dawn patrol

After today's fizzle, it seem doubtful, but I'm still watching for a sunny morning session at Acadia or (more likely Tswassen N. side. Not sure I can make it to the latter and get back to the office in time though.
Alton - you should just sleep in your car on the way back from Whidbey!
Good luck all.

Ist English bay. Holy f it's

Ist English bay. Holy f it's windy. Hope there's still enough after it's light. Giddy up fellas

alton what do you think?

alton what do you think?

alton what do you think?

alton what do you think?

Acadia ETA 7am

Acadia ETA 7am

Alton how does it look? From

Alton how does it look? From the trees in Kits it appears to have dropped off a bit but I bet there's still plenty of wind out at Acadia.

OSR from C36 at 2:58 pm

Play to listen.

D: Best OSR Ever

Hey Dave,

I can feel the utter despair and disgust in the tone of the voice from the other side of the world. Many apologies for the wasted time and gas today. The forecast, actuals, pressure charts and so forth all showed a very promising day when you set off. I ate crow hard on this one too. Going forward, the mouth is shut on weather advice, secret surf spots and cheerleading for Whidbey Island............I'm out.



Snatched by the G-Spot

Michael and I were lured to Whidbey with the juicy G-Spot and METAR/TAF forecasts. Dave was lured by iWindsurf ramping up.

Chris - don't worry. Keep your forecasts coming.

Whidbey - Late Arrival


forecasts and surf spot guides greatly appreciated, lets keep this a global community! Just let Dave make your next session forecast call for Abudabi and you're even!