Yes absolutely! Please keep

Yes absolutely! Please keep them coming as they fuel the stoke. What's windsurfing without getting skunked!?!

Michael needs his sandwich

cuz it's a special b-day sandwich!...

Birthday Skunkage, it was a

Birthday Skunkage, it was a nice day for a road trip though. Nice and warm at Whidbey too bad about the wind.
Chris keep the forecasts coming dude it's always worth the risk when it pays off! That's what it's all about: )

Happy birthday Michael

Hope you stopped at Denny's for your free breakfast on whidbey island.

C: don't stop

Chris: Don't be silly my friend. I'm the one who choose to 'go'. I am fully responsible for my own actions (nice to see the spot and check out the entry and exit points on such a nice day). I appreciate you sharing your experience and opinions with us - always have, always will. If you stopped now you would be missed! I personally hope you keep 'riding' with us! :-)

D: Thanks..........but

Hi Dave,

I feel totally responsible for pushing you down there. Stayed up to 4am here in Baku and slept an hour checking and double checking trying to figure out what the heck was happening. Looked like the push came through about 6-7 hours later than expected. It's weird how stoked you can get for your friends and how bad you can feel when it doesn't pan out as forecasted..........half way around the world. I felt like I was the one who drove 4 hours and 450 km for a view of the ocean, Alton sleeping and Michael eating a sandwich. I'll keep in touch for sure but will back off on the wx stuff. You guys have it really sorted out well for the local scene. Wish all of you were winter sailing twenty years ago when I was just a kid. Could have used the depth if knowledge for sure:)

Take it easy,


C: I get that

Chris: I get that feeling of 'responsibility' and I have heard others say they are reluctant to post 'alerts' for fear they send people out of their way. Concern for others it a 'good' human trait, but don't let it stop you from sharing your gifts and knowledge with others! That is all part of being a 'community'! I asked you several times if you would help us with weather forecast for a Whidbey fall reTREAT and I still want your help! You are not responsible for the weather, you gave us the 'gift' of your advice and it was accepted as such with gratitude! Peace my friend! Sleep well! ttys :-)

ps Even a local guy who worked in Burlington showed up with a suprised look on his face because 'everyone' was expecting it to come through'! :-)

pss I would get pissed if I knew you saw the potential for an EPIC set-up lining up and didn't tell us! So please keep the 'alerts' coming! :-)

psss Sorry to hear pictures are such an issue there! WOW! Nice reminder to enjoy the things we take for granted! :-)

Chris, Chris, Chris ...

Please don't back off on the Whidbey forecasts. I normally don't watch Whidbey but we all look forward to your alerts. Don't feel guilty. I regularly send kiters on a wild goose chase but they still appreciate my wind predictions (and pornographic comments).

Man, I really "like" people

Man, I really "like" people who take responsibility of their actions, good or bad :-)

WR osr

Looks like 15 knots, going to try five0 and hundred litre. Hopefully switch to small board soon. Randy trying a 5.3 soon.

WR semi-skunk

WR was pretty light - a few planing downwind runs on 5.3/102L FSW. The little waves were fun to play on if a gust came at the right time. 1st time there, seems like a nice spot.

R: Good News

Hey Richi,

Glad to hear WRB is 5.0. It looked pretty dead on the live camera but the lighting is probably deceiving. Enjoy rippin' it up.



WR osr

12 -18ish, nice clean small waves, no
t enough wind though.

Whidbey Filling In a Nicely Now..............As Forecasted

Hey Guys,

Smith Island has jumped significantly over the past hour. It's blowing 19G24 with a peak gust of 27 three minutes ago. The Naval Air Base, Ault field , is now showing 17G22 out of the West. Looks like 5.0-5.5 conditions with PLENTY more wind coming later this afternoon into early evening. Pressure gradients still showing a significant increase in wind on the way. I hope WR does something for the guys that stayed North of the border.



OSR from C36 at 12:31 pm

Play to listen.

D: Have Fun!!!

Hi Dave,

Enjoy the session this afternoon / evening down there!! Let me know what you think of the waves towards Deception Pass too. Race just showed a 43 knot gust. Hopefully not too long before the wall of wind works it's way down to you. It's pretty cool to see that wall of a white water coming into JWSP the first time. Gives a new meaning to the word wind line! Sail to dark if you can, the forecast looks flat for the next ten days.



Alton & Michael Whidbey Troopers

Hey Guys,

Race Rocks just ramped up and almost doubled in the last hour. It's 26G32 now with a peak gust of 39 knots at 11:51am. Sheringham Point to the west of a Race Rocks has also jumped big time with a peak gust of 33 knots fifteen minutes ago now averaging 21 knots. From experience, Joseph Whidbey is usually 1-1.5 hours behind to see the same wind which should work out well for your eta. Post an OSR and take lots of pictures. It's past midnight here in Baku and I'm off to bed now.



Joseph Whidbey

Hey Guys,

I'm sure you've seen the revised language for the NOAA synopsis down south today but here it is if you haven't read it yet.......


Smith Island Pressure Plot


OSR from Brad Russell at 10:36 am

Play to listen.

OSR from Brad Russell at 10:21 am

Play to listen.

Thanks Brad

Going to check out white rock in a couple of hours. See you on the beach.

Smith island

20 knots clearing, stuck at work in the rain, life sucks!

Smith island

20 knots clearing, stuck at work in the rain, life sucks!

First world problems

First world problems

Whidbey Setting Up Nicely!!!!!!!

Race Rocks just swung west and is gusting to 40 knots. The southerly pressure pulse just went through the east entrance of the Strait with Smith Island blowing at 28-35 knots. Smith Island should swing west shortly and the whole Strait will start to blow. Should be an awesome day for you down there with the wave riding!!!



Whidbey Upgraded a Forecast!




Thanks Chris. Race Rocks was pumping, but as of 7 am has now backed to less than 20. Some of the models (BWD still showing Cook St to crank) but my gut tells me WI might be less than a sure thing today. WR looks to be delayed too (3 pm +). Hmmmmmm ~ What do others think?

D: Whidbey Gut Feeling

Hi Dave,

That's normal to get the quick Westerly pulse at Race Rocks and a South Easterly pulse at Smith Island as the trough first swings by. Things will fill in and ramp up shortly. The pressures are way too low at the East end of the straight and way too high at the West end to not get some sort of westerly wind. Experience down there would tell me to drive without hesitation. It'll be interesting to see what happens if you decide to bail on a Whidbey. It is an educated guess after all:)



I'm waiting for a bit but

I'm waiting for a bit but I'm still positive. If WR isn't going to start until later then we have a bit of time to see how things develop.

M: Good to know

If you decide to pull the trigger please text. Thanks. :-)

Alton and I are meeting at

Alton and I are meeting at Woods coffee at Birch Bay 5 min across the boarder.

Hope it works out

I was really tempted but the past uncertainly of westerlies didn't quite motivate me to move around my work schedule. From my relatively uninformed view it looks like a good chance but may be later afternoon (NOAA)??? For your sake, hope I'm pissed off at the end of the day because I didn't go and you get a good session :)

So jealous. I have to

So jealous. I have to work


Alton and I are going to

Alton and I are going to whidbey now eta 1

M: Good Call

Hi Michael,

Good move on taking the drive. I'd be there with you in a second if I wasn't working. Things should ramp up nicely for you for a solid afternoon session of wave sailing. Sail until it gets dark, it doesn't look like anything in the long range forecast for your neck of the woods. You'll have a much nicer time getting off the beach without the 50 knot gusts like last time.



Take lots of pictures

Take lots of pictures

Any hope for Jericho or Acadia?

Monday or Tuesday? When? Thanks

Your Answer

Whidbey METAR/TAF looking

Whidbey METAR/TAF looking good for tomorrow.

M: flying blind

Michael: GFS spotter is showing 4-5 hours of mid-day wind at WR and WI with nothing. You sure about heading south? What is your plan? I will be loaded and ready to roll at dawn (if required).

Waiting for the 10 PM update

Waiting for the 10 PM update but really won't be able to tell until the morning. In the morning we could always go across the boarder and wait for the 10 AM update in Birch Bay, if it looks good head down and if not turn back and sail WR.

White rock tomorrow

I'm hoping to sail WR tomorrow, Would consider whidbey if there wasn't a good chance of local wind, mon. and tues. Hope to see the White rock locals out.

White Rock before Whidbey Island

Secret, Local, DTL Spot

Hey Guys,

It's been really cool lately to see you wanting to go to Whidbey and Point Roberts to try something new. I'll probably get killed for this by my friends that surf................but I want to share with the winter sailing group, you know who you are, a DTL wave sailing gem that's only fifteen minutes from Centennial.

I've sailed here since I was 18 and kept it quiet back then. I figure there might as well be some other guys enjoying it too. Right now it's only surfers that head out on the SE days. Last year I wave sailed here in November and December with a few surfing friends. There's a group of about a dozen locals, American and Canadian, that call this break home on any good SE day. Give them room and it's no problem to share.

You can check out the sandbar and point break on Google Earth to get an idea what everything looks like. Basically, deep blue water right onto a shallow point break. High tide, low tide, no tide it all works with the shape. If the wind backs to Easterly no problem, if it clocks to SW no problem.

The Directions:

- Through the Point Roberts Border
- Stay straight down the hill, turns into Tyee
- Left on Apa Road
- Right on Crystal Beach Road
- Right on Waters Road
- Left on Robert Drive
- Right on Holiday Lane
- Drive 100 feet and park on the shoulder or grass area.
- Rig up on the grass and walk south 100 meters
- You'll come to a set of wood stairs down to the beach
- Launch and sail East parallel to the shore
- The break is on a 200 meter long sandbar that extends off the East part of Point Roberts
- The swell goes from very deep water to a couple of feet then deep again on the backside
-There's a huge wrap and you get great side shore wave sailing
- There are always lots of surfers on any SE day..............the reason they are not at Lighthouse Park
-There are no currents to worry about
- The trickiest thing is the launch in onshore conditions and getting upwind off the beach



thanks for this

We will all be mindful of those on surf boards and give ample space. Looking forward to trying both this and LHP

Checked it out with my son

Checked it out with my son this afternoon. Looks like a nice spot. The beach says private but I'm assuming the locals don't mind the surfers and windsurfers using the beach?
Anything we need to know, I don't want to upset the locals. Thanks a lot for letting us in on this, hope we see you out there sometime.

S Beach Rd.

I know there's public access at the foot of S. Beach Rd, just slightly west of the area he's described. Immediately east is signed "private" but lots of people walk along there when the tide is out at all. Beautiful spot in the summer - I'd love to try sailing there sometime.

Thanks, this looks great.

Thanks, this looks great. I'll check it out next time I'm down there: )