for sail

Weed Fin. 14.5" True Ames $90 obo90Reg2011-10-25 08:49
Sailworks' Huckers: 5.6 (2011) + 4.8 (2010) $425 + $400Duncan2002011-10-25 08:31
Sails Fins etc...BigD2011-09-02 14:42
Sailworks NX fw 9.9 Formula sail$299 OBO, no silly lowballers pleasejumpjyber2011-08-08 08:32
Super light Gorge board$70Flyin Scot2011-07-30 18:43
8'9 Roberts slalom$ 200Flyin Scot2011-07-30 18:12
WTB: seat harnesschofmeister2011-07-26 06:30
Chinook boom 223-285$120.00chofmeister2011-07-05 20:57
Used gear for salelubo2011-06-25 12:20
2006 Mistral Synchro 115l550Grussell2011-06-18 11:22
Sailworks Joystick 490300 OBOsailer2011-06-17 07:39
sail and boom 150frogwindsurf2011-06-10 07:25
Kids rig wantedgot itMichael2011-06-09 23:31
Formula Sail - Neilpryde RS5 10.7 w/X9 530 mastSOLDIgor2011-06-04 07:24
2003 AHD Inspiro Windsurf Board 130 litre / 74cm$549.00Duncan2002011-05-23 10:06
Chinook extension $30frogwindsurf2011-05-12 07:55
Weed Fin, old style wave fin Variablechofmeister2011-05-08 11:55
8 - 5 Roberts Free Ride$1750 OBOBryan Lewis2011-05-01 15:47
8-3 Roberts Wave$1750 OBOBryan Lewis2011-05-01 15:34
GFC Twinzer fin set *** SOLD *****$70 - pairGregK2011-04-28 10:09

Windsurfing stuff for sale

Stuff for sale cheap!!
2001-Mistral Custom 284- light and fast slalom- $75???
2000-Ezzy SE wave 4.5 C+ condition- $25
199X- Sailworks 400cm 2-pc regular dia. well used $$$cheap
1 small boom, harness etc.
Gary 604-576-4194 or cell 778-552-0274.

2001 Mistral Custom 284

Is it still for sale , is it 115 liters, and where are you located ?

windsurf magazines

looking for pre-1990 mags serious collector up to 100 each for select older issues.


I have many mags - starting in 90's if you're interested


yes i m interested. Can you give me a bsic idea of what you have.




Windsport (Early Windsurfing magazine) starting in 1990
Performance Windsurf Report from early 90's
Windsport from '91
Northwest Sailing from '90
Windsurfing - probably all of those up to present
Misc Brochures. newsletters etc

windsurf magazines

my e-mail is I AM VERY INTERESTED. If you could expand a bit on the listing such as how many of each, and let me know what you would want to ship to California. I will make 1/2 payment prior to shipping and thne in full whne received or full if you have Paypal. joe


Sent you an E Mail

Looking for 550 mast

I'm looking for used 550 mast reasonably priced,
please e-mail


UBC Sailing Club - Windsurfing SWAP

UBC Windsurfing Swap
Time: Saturday Oct 27 at 11:00
Location: Jericho Sailing Center

Sell your gear, or buy a new item for a decent price
within your local windsurfing community.

For any questions contact

More info on swap

Gear swap on Saturday Oct 27, 11:00 AM at Jericho Sailing Centre. We are blowing out our older equipment, incl some quality used sails, boards, extensions, fins, etc. Last year there were lots of good deals and we had more than a dozen other people come out to sell personal gear as well.

2006 Naish Kailua 180L - $700
2006 Naish Icon 130L - $650
2004 Naish Hybrid 90L - $300
1999 Hifly wave board 255 FX 86L - $80
199x Bic Vivace 93L - offers
199x Bic Vivace 107L - offers

Sails in very good condition:
2004 Naish Force wave sails, 4.0, 4.5 - $250
2004 Naish Boxer 5.4, 6.2 - $285
2005 Naish Sprint 6.6 - $320
2005 Severne NCX 5.5 - $280
2004 Neil Pryde Supernova 6.0 - $250
2001 Neil Pryde Supernova 6.4 - $100
2004 Neil Pryde RAF Jet 6.9 - $285

In less good condition: (offers)
2001 Ezzy SE 3.5, 4.7
2003 North Voodoo 5.3
2003 Ezzy Superlight 5.5
2004 North R-type 9.5

4 chinook 25 cm extensions
a selection of trim box fins
used booms

2004 Naish Hybrid 90L - $300

2004 Naish Hybrid 90L - $300
Do you still have this board for sale?
Please let know.

Trim Box (Bic/Tiga) Fins

38/15" - Carve Fin - $20.00
31/14" - Carve Fin - $20.00
42 Freeride - $15.00
All 3 - $50.00

Trim fins

Interested in all 3 - could you send some pictures?
Would need shipping to Toronto with Canada Post.

do I need to post my email

do I need to post my email here?

guess I do...

mbad at rogers dot com

Formula Boom

Hi there,

I am selling my formula boom with adj harness lines and adj outhaul system. The boom size is 245+ and fits my 9.2 up to 12.5. The boom is in good shape and works well. If this sounds good for you let me know. This boom also comes with a streamline head to make it nice a rigid. The price is $350cdn.

Ewart 604-803-4860

Great windsurfing gear for great price.

We have a selection of gear (sails and boards from late1990s to 2005).

To view some of the items, please check out:

(Photo gallery not complete, and still under construction. sorry :))

If you are interested in an any of these items please contact:
or Maryam at 778-997-4726
or Ivan at 604-767- 4712

Fin Kashy

I would like to buy a fin Kashy 70 XS

i need the contact of kashy

i need the contact of kashy fins please

Alu Boom for sale

Gulftech GT Series Glor 170-210 cm.
Small Dia. Grip, brand new, still in a wraper
$149, call Jan 604 8532435

Naish Icon 130 and freeride sails 5.4, 5.8, 6.2, 6.6, 6.9

Basically brand new 2006 Naish Icon 130. This is fast and easy turning freeride board.
Ridden around 6-7 times. A little too big for me. I think this would be best suit someone 170lbs+ that likes to go fast.
Retailed last year for $1150, priced to sell $675 (need the cash for a Tabou 105L).

I also have the following sails:

2004 6.9 NP Raf Jet $285.00
2004 6.2 Naish Boxer $285.00
2004 5.8 Naish Boxer $285.00
2004 5.4 Naish Boxer $285.00
2005 6.6 Naish Sprint $325.00

All these sails are in great shape.
Buy any three sails for $775.


rigs and board for sale

Neil Pryde 02 supernova 6.9m $160.00 02v8 9.0m $175.00 both in good shape freeride mast 460cm mint shape $125.00 Sailworks 490cm 80% $125.00Chinook boom 182-244 as new $150.00 2000 sailworks retro 8.5m fair shape with some tape on panels $40.00 Roberts 33 with straps pads bag and 58 cm windynamics fin $675.00
Thanks, Gerry 932 6340 whistler

2004 AHD 67cm 116 ltr Board for Sale

Great shape - powder blue. $595 OBO.
Duncan: 604 340-2142

FS - Deboichet Formula Fins

70cm R17M +8
70cm R16M +8
68cm R16M +7
66cm R16M +6

All in great condition. See for details.

Naish Hybrid Slalom Boards for Sale

2005 Naish Hybrid 110L slalom board. Super fun light wind board. Very fast and fast to plane. Excellent condition. Good board for advanced sailor who is comfortable shlogging a short board. Ideal for 6.0 to 7.5 flatwater conditions. C/W new (sailed once) 34 cm slalom fin. Will replace old footstrap. $500 firm. I love this crfazy little board but it is too specialized for the UBC sailing club.

2005 Naish Hybrid 89L slalom board. Ditto, but for heavier conditions or lighter sailor. Comes with stock 28 cm fin. Board was run up onto rocks at Doug's Beach and has minor but ugly damage to bottom surface. C/W fin that has seen similar abuse but is still very servicable. $350.

Thanks for looking!
604 677 3726

SAIL 5.2 - 5.7 with mast, boom, base ect...

Greater Vancouver Windsurfers!

I am looking to buy SAIL 5.2 - 5.7 with mast, boom, base ect not older than 2005 in good condition at a fair buck as well as a GO-board 155-165L. Send me list of what you have to sell including pictures to

Thank you.

Looking for a Beginner's Board

Looking to purchase a used beginner's board in good condition. Don't know much about them, will be boarding on a lake. Kids will also use this board, so not sure what size to buy, my kids an I are about 5'3''. Any help would be appreciated. Vancouver area.

I have the 2005 HiFly Motion

I can offer you the 2005 HIfly Motion board for $650. You can give me a call at 604 944 3274 and I can gove you more details.


The Motion is gone

Sailworks Hucker 4.8

I have some sail overlap. For sale: 2006 4.8M Hucker sailed 2x, blue/yellow, basically new. Offers over $350CDN considered. Can deliver to Vancouver. Keith (604)824-8279

Huckers are sold.

Both Huckers are now gone.

hucker sail

I can offer $250.00 us dollars + shipping costs of $50.00.

wanted - 2 tops for powerex masts

i am looking for 2 tops to the following masts (i've broken both!):
- powerex super wave 400/25
- powerex z-axis 430/25
if by chance you have either, please let me know

super wave top

I have a 400/25 super wave top for a sale. After looking a long time for a bottom, finally last month I gave up and bought a complete set. It was used very little....$80

I also have Powerex 430 NRZ (full set) for a sale!

2 Women's shorty wetsuits for sale

1 O'Neill shorty wetsuit, fits size 4-6, 2/1 mm, $50 obo.

1 Promotion shorty wetsuit, size 10, 3/2 mm, $75.

Both barely used and in excellent condition. Pictures are available upon request.

10.8 Sailworks NXfw

Red, excellent condition. Received extensive batten upgrade/cam tuning at the loft, as well as a minor adjustment to the luff curve that increases range and stability w/o sacrificing low-end (that shape-change was a major part of the change to the 2007's). USD-375

Get in touch at andreas at

Get in touch at andreas at g-42 dot com

Gear for Sale

Board - Roberts Course Slalom 292 (9'7") with 2 fins $250
Boom - Wave 150-180cm $80
Mast - Powerex FG 430 $60

Call 604-839-7169 Vancouver

hi there i'm interested in

hi there i'm interested in the board. what kind of condition is it in.

400 Ezzy(powerex) RDM

have to sell my trusted 400 Skinny :(


Ezzy RD Mast?

I'm very interested in your mast! Please send me an email:

Starboard Carve 111 for sale

The grey/blue edition +/- 4 years old, very good condition with 2 fins and bag $875.
Contact Sean at

older board

I bought a older 16 foot board caint seem to find out who made it, any sugestions?

take a picture

And post it here, perhaps one of guru members can identify it.

Sail and Mast 4 Sale

I am selling a Sailworks NX4 11.0 and Powerex Z-Speed 550 to go with it. $650 for both.

Hi, Kevin! Do you still

Hi, Kevin!

Do you still have the 550 mast for sale?

How much do you want for it? Just the mast.


old windsurfing magazines

I started collecting older mags. Will pay a per issue price and shipping. Top dollar will be paid for those older ones I do not have.

Pass this on to friends please!!!


Hi Joe - I have many Mags - what are you looking for?

windsurfing mags

I want them all!! Collector especially pre-1990 issues